 Is tracking available & how can I track my order?
Yes, tracking is available. Once you log in, just select order tracking & enter your unique order number
or your email address to track your order.

 The tracker says delivered, but I have not received the order!
ZIDO team will look into the matter. Please allow us with 3 business days from the delivery date. Once
we investigate, the ZIDO team would contact you personally.

 Can I cancel or modify my order? If I cancel it, are the shipping fees refundable?
No, an order cannot be modified or cancelled once it is submitted. You can only opt for returns and
exchange. All shipping costs, including the ones for the returns are non-refundable.

 I am having problems using a discount code!
Please make sure that you enter a valid code in the discount box. The discount is generally applied on
checkout. Be patient and let the whole process finish. If you are still encountering problems, please
contact us at help@zidoclothing.in so we can help solve this error.

 Does ZIDO have an offline catalog?
Yes, we do have an offline catalog. However, all our products are regularly updated on our website. If
you are looking for the latest in Men's fashion, our website is a year-round virtual catalog for you.

 Does ZIDO have any special promotions?
Yes, we do have special promotions at regular intervals. Once you subscribe with us, we will inform you
via mails about our special promotions. We prefer to direct our exclusive deals directly to our loyal
customers rather than posting the deals on the website.